Terms and rules

Rules and Guidelines


Please do not engage in any behavior or activity that involve illegal activity, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, threats, name calling, account hacking, and impersonating.

Any exceptions or clarifications can be found here.

Posts and Messages

Please do not post any messages or information that contain spamming, advertising, no plagiarism, obscene content, profanity, private messages (rule applies only in public conversations), personal information, rule violations, comments about moderator actions (rule applies only in public conversations), and blogging.

Any exceptions or clarifications can be found here.


Debates should not involve any proselytizing or promoting views, unsupported claims, red herrings, misdirections, misrepresenting someone's position, challenging or dismissing someone's opinion (does not apply to opinions that are shown to be false), ad hominems, too much rhetoric and commentary.

Please also post a clear debate question when starting a topic in the debate section. Also, stay on topic.

Any exceptions or clarifications can be found here.


This section only applies to the debate sections of the forum. Any type of evidence is allowed to be used. In disputes about evidence, the best type of evidence for a given topic should be accepted as the most valid evidence. If your evidence comes from someone else or a reference then please also include the source.

Opinions are allowed just as long as the member makes it known that it's an opinion.

Do not simply use links to serve as evidence but also post the relevant section/information from the site.

Reporting Rule Violations

Feel free to report any posts that violates the forum rules on Conduct and Posts/Messages.

Of course, debate rule violations can also be reported but some of those rules count as violations only after becoming a repeated occurrence (after the member has been notified about it at least once). Report unsupported claims, misrepresentations, and misdirections only if a member continues to engage in those actions after already being notified by you at least once in a discussion. All other debate rule violations can be reported after the first instance.

Clarifications can be read here.

*Rules are subject to change but with prior notification, of course.