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  • Watched the DC superhero movie, The Flash. I wish I would have saw it in the theaters on big screen. Reminded me of some of the best Spider-Man movies.

    Removed by moderator.

    Your "Post Thread" does'n appear to be working. All I Get is "Ooops, something is wrong"
    Recently watched Monster Hunter.
    Monster Hunter (2020) - IMDb

    Came out in 2020. Starts out weird but got interesting as it fast forward to a modern-day setting.

    Any good movies in the theaters? Flash? Little Mermaid?
    Watching Stranger Things. Then the Superbowl later on!
    i tried so hard to like that show lol...im just too much of a pod i guess
    Lol. I can't drink during a movie. I liked the show mostly because of the setting, i.e., a small town, in the 80's, adventurous teens, etc. I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars.
    Where can I find your email address?
    I messaged you. Also it's posted in the forum information, in the About Us thread.
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